A Farewell to DS106

It has been quite a semester, has it not?  Throughout the course of the semester, we has been involved in a plethora of various media and creative thingamajigs.  This post is more of a footnote than anything substantial, as it just serves as a checklist for the multitude of “non-assignment” things from these past two […]

The end is right around the corner… 1

Hello again all you loyal ds106 FAN-atics (see what I did there?  No?  oh….ok).  Another week in the books, with just a few short days left in front of us.  Where has the time gone?  Well, we shouldn’t waste anymore of it, so let’s get right into it.   This week was all about mashups […]

All about that Bama (ROLL TIDE!!!!!)… 2

Hello again you s106 ruffians.  For my remix assignment, I chose to do the “Favorite Sports Paraphernalia”, remixed with “Uncle Bob”.   So, anybody that knows me knows that I am a HUGE Alabama football fan.  So when I saw this assignment, there was no question as to what I would use for my inspiration. […]

Coming this Spring exclusively to PS4…. 5

I present to you: “The Wire”: The Game     I did this for the mashup assignment “VIDEO GAME COVER MASHUP”.  More about how I made this in my weekly post.  Enjoy…   Total stars for this assignment: 4.0 stars.    

Movie Mashup Time!!!!!!!

Hi guys!  So for the “Movie Mashup” assignment, I decided to combine two movies I had seen very recently.  Since it it Thanksgiving week, my wife and I spent an afternoon at the theater seeing the latest installment in “The Hunger Games” series.  And, also because of Thanksgiving, we had just the day before seen […]

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 11.56.57 PM

It’s all in the video, yo…

Another week down…. This week was all about the video.  Let’s get right down to it:   “Swede an Episode”- For this assignment, Ien Harris and I decided to recreate the infamous scene from season 1 where Bunk and McNulty solve a previously unsolved murder while only uttering a single word over and over.  We […]

Damn…problem with the power supply again!

Hi everybody!  So for the “Swede a scene” assignment, Ien Harris and I decided to recreate the scene in season 1 where McNulty and Bunk solve a murder while only uttering a single word between themselves.  What was really amazing about this scene was the level of comfort between McNulty and Bunk.  They were able […]

That darn variable gravity…gets you every time!

Hello again folks!  Today I decided to do the daily create “A geek magnetic poem, please?”  This was a perfect assignment for me, seeing as how in my research lab we have a set of “geeky science” magnets on our whiteboard.  I spent a few minutes playing around with combinations, and settled on this one. […]

What’s on your clothesline? 2

So for this daily create, I decided to imagine what would be on my clothesline right now if I used a clothesline.  Since there is a nice crisp in this Fall air, there would definitely be a football jersey and jeans hanging, and even thought they were just washed, they would still have grass stains […]


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A Look Back At Some Inspiring Works…

Hello again all you ds106-ers!  This week, we were to take a look back at all of the hundreds of works created so far this semester and pick out a few that inspired us along the way.  In addition to this, all of our radio shows aired this week!  Let’s get right into it….   […]