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A Farewell to DS106

It has been quite a semester, has it not?  Throughout the course of the semester, we has been involved in a plethora of various media and creative thingamajigs.  This post is more of a footnote than anything substantial, as it just serves as a checklist for the multitude of “non-assignment” things from these past two […]

Inspiration #2: Travis’ Audio Assignment

For my second inspiration post of the week, I decided to go with Travis’ audio assignment “It’s Halloween Season”.  The reason I choose this assignment is because I think it is one of the best examples of a ds106 assignment.  It encapsulates so many things that are characteristic to this class: It is a really […]

Getting everything set up for my #ds106 class. So far so good! — John Meadows (@Physx28) August 26, 2014

Hello ds106!!!! 1

Hello Fall ’14 semester of ds106!  My name is John!  I look forward to getting to know a little about each of you throughout the course of the next 15 weeks.  To start with, a little about me: I am a senior physics major at the University of Mary Washington.  I am a bit of […]