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A visual wonderland…

Hello again ds106-ers!  Hope you all had another wonderful week.  This one was a busy one for me.  I took the physics GRE this weekend.  I have been spending a lot of free time studying for that, so now that it’s over with, I feel FREE!!!!  But seriously… This week was all about visuals…visual assignments, […]

The game’s done gone and changed y’all…or has it? 1

Well hello again!  I hope everyone’s week three ended well.  This was a whirlwind week for me, with tons of assignments in all of my classes.  But I’m not here to talk about that.  I’m here to talk about The Wire and digital storytelling, so let’s get into it. I guess I should start with […]



Time for some “Cleaning Up”… 2

Well well well…Week two has come and gone already.  At this rate, the semester will be over in, what, 13 weeks?  Jeez… For this weeks assignment, I decided to focus on breaking down episode 12 of The Wire: “Cleaning Up.”  This episode sets so many plot elements in play that are crucial for the end […]

Week 1 Summary

Well that went by quick!  Intro weeks always seem to fly by, but this one even more so.  This week in ds106, we were tasked with blitzkrieg-ing the world of social media, as well as catching up on episodes of “The Wire”.  Just as an aside before my recap, I have to say that I […]