Inspiration #3: Jeremy’s Design Assignment 1

For my third inspirational post, I chose Jeremy’s design assignment “D’Angelo escapes prison and is on the run”.  I am a huge fan of the series “The Walking Dead”, and **SPOILER ALERT** until tonight, there have been three actors from “The Wire” on the show.  The reason I chose this work was because I thought […]

Inspiration #2: Travis’ Audio Assignment

For my second inspiration post of the week, I decided to go with Travis’ audio assignment “It’s Halloween Season”.  The reason I choose this assignment is because I think it is one of the best examples of a ds106 assignment.  It encapsulates so many things that are characteristic to this class: It is a really […]

Inspiration #1: Ien’s App Logo

So for my first inspiration, I chose Ien’s “App Logo” design assignment.  The reason I chose this assignment is that Ien went above and beyond on this work.  Not only did he complete the assignment, he create a backstory to go along with it, as if he really is creating the app and is just using […]


An Experiment in DS106 Radio…

Another week gone…. This week was all about our radio show, and boy was it an adventure!  Let’s get right into it. On Wednesday, our group (me, Ien, Carmela, and Jeremy) got together briefly and set our radio plan in motion.  The timing was a bit rough.  We had met last week, but with Fall […]

Getting Pumped for the Radio Show… 1

What’s up ds106-ers!  I know everyone is getting ready for the upcoming radio shows!  For our group, we have decided to go with the theme “The Science Behind The Wire”.  For this project, Ien and I have a lot of research into wiretapping science and surveillance techniques.  Jeremy is doing research into the legality of […]


“The Wire”: A Modern Day Circus Dra-medy.

Hey guys!  I did the daily create for today, and decided to come up with an alternate version of The Wire based upon the name solely.  The first thing I thought of was a tightrope wire.  Don’t ask me why.  I haven’t been to a circus in probably 18 years!  Anyway, I thought it would […]

This post is “DESIGNED” to attract…pun intended.

Hello again ds106-masses!  Another week gone, and that means: Another Weekly Summary!!!!   This was a busy week for ds106-ers: a designblitz, 15 stars of assignments, 3 daily creates, and reading various resource materials.  So when I list it all out, it really doesn’t sound that bad.  Well, let’s get into it!   DesignBlitz:   […]



WTH is that?!?!?! 3

  So for the assignment “Take a Picture of Something Interesting!“, I decided to take a picture of my research lab.  In particular, the electronics behind my research.  WARNING:  IT IS A JUMBLED MESS!!!!!   No joke, it took me a good two months at the beginning of my research project to determine how the […]

I cast legendary creature “Omar”… 4

Hey guys!  So recently I have gotten back into playing “Magic: The Gathering”.  It is a card game that I used to play in high school, but stopped for a long time.  Several of my friends play now, and I decided to get back into it.  So the basis of the game is that you […]



I’m With Frank! 2

Hello again ds106-ers!  I recently did the Bumper Sticker design assignment.  For this assignment, I tried to think initially of what person or event from “The Wire” season 2 could be portrayed on a bumper sticker.  I finally decided to create a re-election bumper sticker for Frank.   For this creation, I decided to keep […]